All of my life I have been an artist, finding solace in creating images on paper that are expressions of my experience with the world around me. I have explored many venues on my creative journey always looking to provide a unique voice to my work. To me, making art is as natural and necessary as breathing. It is my passion.
My photographic work looks at my world with a very direct approach. Photography is the art of exclusion – knowing what to include and what to leave out to create the correct balance and narrative. I look at the world around me, choose from the lines, shapes and forms of reality and construct what I see through my eyes to weave what “is” into my personal vision.
At times I may choose to go past merely what the camera sees, and add layer by layer to express I want to see within the imagery that is not obvious on the surface. The images become a collage of both the mechanics of the camera and the art of the hand through both traditional and not traditional means. This process can open up an entire different window into my world.
In my graphite work, I find ways to bring life and emotion to the blank canvas with nothing more than a simple line. This simplicity has a calming effect as I watch the subject come to life. My subjects are living creatures and the challenge is capturing the spirit of each with a passion that comes from a deep respect for the natural world around me.
The way in which I see and interpret life, becomes the art, and the medium I choose, the vehicle best suited for this vision. It must be a perfect balance.